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El Criollo | Colombia | Nespresso Compatible

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All the smoothness, creaminess and aroma of Colombian Specialty Coffee in a single capsule. Enjoy the delicate notes of cocoa and fruit, accompanied by a fragrant floral aroma.

Enjoy all the flavours, aromas and creaminess of the authentic Colombian Specialty Coffee. This 100% Arabica coffee (Varietal Caturra) is grown at more than 1,700 metres in the Tolima department and stands out for its delicate nuances, balanced acidity and creamy and aromatic body. 

Is is a soft coffee with a delicate aroma that allows you to discover the elegant nuances that this origin offers. Its sweet touch with nuances of cocoa and its fruity and floral notes make it ideal to taste alone or as a soft slice. 

Packaging type: 
Coffee in aluminium capsules compatible with Nespresso® 100% recyclable. This material guarantees the correct preservation of the organoleptic properties of coffee, because it protects it from factors such as oxygen, humidity or sunlight, which may affect the taste and quality. Each box contains 10 capsules.

• Best before date: 730 days